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Childrens Photography

DalynDigital is pleased to announce a Baby and Child photography package to capture those magic moments in the development of your child.

The images can be of a formal format or can have a nostalgic themed background and all can be personalised to your requirements

Catch those nostalgic moments, don't miss your child growing up. Images are incorporated into a classic background to enhance the memories of their childhood.

The package includes 5 visits to catch the stages of baby progress. These start a few weeks after birth then at 3 months 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. Each time images will be presented as a slide show for you to view and choose you prints or canvases.

Cost for package including 5 visits and slide-show £450, subsequent visits £60 again to include a slide show to help you choose your images.

This is not limited to babies first year further photo sessions can be arranged on a yearly basis or more frequently as required. This opportunity will allow you and your family to have a pictorial time line of your child's life.

'Mums to be' would you like a maternity shoot to start off the time-line. This can easily be shot in the comfort of your own home. Cost £80 including slide show to help you choose your images.

DalynDigital Photography is fully Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)checked.

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