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American Burrowing Owl

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American Burrowing Owl - Owls, silent Hunters of the night
Owl American-Burrowing-owl " Athene cunicularia " Ground- Owl Prairie-Dog-Owl Rattlesnake-owl Howdy-Owl Cuckoo-Owl Tunnel-Owl Gopher-Owl Hill-Owl " crepuscular animal Bird feathers beak bill claws patterned mottled downy plumage camouflage hunter eyes wise brown barred predatory predator bird-of-prey carnivore nature wildlife picture photograph " David Knowles " " dalyndigital photography "
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Barn Owl

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ural owl strix uralensis-6213
ural owl strix uralensis-6046
ural owl strix uralensis-4011
ural owl strix uralensis-3614
ural owl strix uralensis-1045
ural owl strix uralensis-1025
ural owl strix uralensis-1010
ural owl strix uralensis-1006
ural owl strix uralensis-1004
ural owl strix uralensis-1003
ural owl strix uralensis-0996
ural owl strix uralensis-0995
ural owl strix uralensis-0017
tawny owl Strix aluco-9390
tawny owl Strix aluco-9049

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